A Health Science Company

About InBOLD Inc.

InBOLD Inc was formed in 2018 by a group of health and wellness executives, and product innovators looking for safe and reliable cannabinoid solutions. The company was borne from the idea that cannabinoids provide fantastic health benefit and have many uses. We have seen first hand how beneficial cannabinoids can be when included in a care management programs.

Our products are produced and distributed in accordance with the most rigorous standards of quality. All products are produced in cGMP compliant facilities, third party tested, and provide accurate dosing delivery. Our team of experts have joined forces with industry leaders to provide cutting edge technology and innovative solutions you can trust.

Our Vision

Promoting healthy living, balanced bodies, and wellness naturally

Our Mission

We are inspired by the history cannabis held for centuries as a natural product that contributes in a positive way to medicinal health and wellbeing.

We challenge the stigma cannabis received by prohibitionists in the last century.

We believe in the untapped potential cannabis holds to transform modern day healthcare and wellness.

We work diligently to participate in a high-demand marketplace and bring products and services to market that benefit our customers.

We are energized daily by the combined passion of our experts and associate stakeholders in the cannabis industry.

Our Team

InBOLD Inc. is made up of creative, technical, and strategic individuals.