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Experts in the Cannabis Industry

Board Meeting

Health Science Experts

We are a group of experts who enable our clients that are in marijuana (THC) and hemp (CBDx) focused businesses.​

Proven Set of Methodologies 

InBOLD Inc Consulting Group (ICG) has a process and proven set of methodologies to help clients solve business problems in every phase of development and maintenance of a successful cannabis business.

Cross-Functional Reach

ICG consultants, architects, and specialists work across a wide range of functional areas and related roles, industries, organizations, and geographies.

Goal Oriented Results

We apply our methodologies and proven models to analyze, formulate and implement strategic management changes that support our clients moving toward positive goal achievement. Reach out and ask about our Connect, Analyze, Realize, Execute (CARE) program.​

Consulting Services

Let us be your trusted partner and advisors


Providing analysis, strategy formulation, and implementation planning with industry expertise for a sustainable competitive advantage

Go To Market

Delivering strong branding, product placement, omni-channel plans with emphasis on the digital consumer


Developing best in class products and solutions based in science, wellness, and natural products

Supply Chain

Implementing best practices and procurement across a network of growers, extraction, and sourcing quality raw materials.

"The team gave us the ability to create a sustainable structure in a brand new industry"

John Thompson
Cannabis Producer


It’s never been a better time to go-to-market as a Cannabis company. Contact us today and set up an engagement call.

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