Kenda Hansen

Kenda is Co-Founder and CMO at InBOLD Inc. She is a serial entrepreneur who created success in organics when it was a new industry and early market.
As Founder and CEO of Noli and Nali, Kenda spent 15 years introducing unique organic product offerings into retail sector and built her specialty in consumer-packaged goods.
Kenda also founded Destination Natural a firm that specialized in product consulting.

Kenda’s expertise spans establishing the firm as a high-quality manufacturer of natural and organic personal care products, building and expanding strong global distribution networks, and leading global marketing and sales teams to capture market leader product positions.
As a pioneer in the organic and natural industry, Kenda developed the first USDA certified organic baby skin care line in 2005.
Kenda also created a thriving partnership with one of the largest natural product distributors and supplement manufacturers to expand the firm’s channels and consumer reach. She became a sought out industry expert on the manufacturing certifications (USDA, GMP) and an array of regulatory issues, that affected the growing supplement and skin care industry.

As a recognized industry leader, Kenda has been a natural products Advisor and strategic consulting partner to companies such as Estee Lauder, Amazon, Whole Foods,, and other socially conscious non-profits. Kenda’s expertise keeps her engaged as a trusted advisor, public speaker, and educator for events.
She speaks at many conferences and events including, A Startup Experience Shared with An Evening of Entrepreneurial Insight (Sponsored by Silicon Valley Bank), Natural Products Expo West and East, Korean Baby Expo, Marina Technology Cluster, ALMA Awards, Jane Goodall Awards Show and Rising International.

Kenda holds an MBA from Pepperdine University.